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The JONC foundation carries out its activity through meetings devoted to intensive work. Meetings imply gathering all the members of the orchestra together in a certain city during a period of time that usually ranges from 7 to 15 days.

During these days the orchestra relies on the presence of a whole team of teachers who come from different orchestras and conservatories of Spain as well as of other European countries. For the purpose of working on the selected repertoire these teachers undertake work on individual as well as sectional basis. Once the teachers end their stay, work continues with tutti rehearsals and concludes with the concerts that the JONC orquestra offers at the end of each meeting.

Apart from classes and rehearsals, meetings are complemented by other educational activities such as conferences, discussions, projections, concerts offered by the teachers or chamber music concerts.

Meetings devoted to orchestral passages take place once a year.  The purpose of these meetings is to study orchestral passages in detail. Orchestral passages are an essential part of auditions leading to the entry to any orchestra and they are usually extremely difficult for all instruments. These meetings conclude with a mock audition where a board analyzes and comments on each candidate’s audition. The musicians of the JONC foundation have thus a wider background in order to prepare future auditions in their professional career.